Saturday, 23 July 2011

Norway attacks

I was going on hiatus but I'm just posting quickly on Oslo. I have a few mates in Norway who live about 20 miles from Oslo, none were harmed but do have friends who were on Utøya island, I have no idea if anyone they know has been hurt. My condolences to the families and the friends of those murdered. 

I'm sure once it's been determined that these were the actions of Norwegian political extremists many media outlets will stop using the word 'terrorism', you can already see that happening on the United States' reporting. But if, as is looking likely, these attacks were politically motivated, they were nothing short of terrorism. 

I have another friend who works for the DSB in Norway, I imagine he's going to be in for a nightmarish time in the aftermath of these events - best of luck to all those working in emergency planning and response. 

The Guardian and BBC both have live blogs running.

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