Saturday, 22 October 2011

Are you ready to rapture?

I'm sure we all heard that Camping's once again failed to predict the end of the world. Found this via PZ Myers' Pharygula.

(really NSFW)


Well, I have been silent a fair while. Blame it on life. Too much blasted work. It's insane. And stupid. And for a week I have been in the remote Scots north, robbed of internet.

Couple of things, just to flesh out this I'M ALIVE post:

  1. LOOK, IT'S A WEASEL! My good partner-in-crime has a blog. Spiffy.
  2. And throw Morby's Tumblr in, else she'll claim I'm neglecting her.
  3. I saw Tinker Tailer a few weeks back. I thought it was excellent. I am in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.
  4. I am a cheater. This is true. I am watching Grey's Anatomy with two different people, and I feel somewhat adulterous.
  5. I did a crossword on Thursday. Yes, it was an 'quick crossword', but I did it all. I finished it and I did it with my aunt mocking me because whoever set that one in the Guardian is clearly on a dry spell as one of their clues gave you 'turn on' and another 'virgin'. I rest my case.
  6.  I also just burnt my tongue on hot chocolate. Seems I put it in for longer than I thought I did. Oops.
And here's a Doctor Who (Tenth) fanvid I stumbled upon and rather liked.