Saturday, 22 October 2011


Well, I have been silent a fair while. Blame it on life. Too much blasted work. It's insane. And stupid. And for a week I have been in the remote Scots north, robbed of internet.

Couple of things, just to flesh out this I'M ALIVE post:

  1. LOOK, IT'S A WEASEL! My good partner-in-crime has a blog. Spiffy.
  2. And throw Morby's Tumblr in, else she'll claim I'm neglecting her.
  3. I saw Tinker Tailer a few weeks back. I thought it was excellent. I am in love with Benedict Cumberbatch.
  4. I am a cheater. This is true. I am watching Grey's Anatomy with two different people, and I feel somewhat adulterous.
  5. I did a crossword on Thursday. Yes, it was an 'quick crossword', but I did it all. I finished it and I did it with my aunt mocking me because whoever set that one in the Guardian is clearly on a dry spell as one of their clues gave you 'turn on' and another 'virgin'. I rest my case.
  6.  I also just burnt my tongue on hot chocolate. Seems I put it in for longer than I thought I did. Oops.
And here's a Doctor Who (Tenth) fanvid I stumbled upon and rather liked.

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