Thursday, 17 November 2011


EDIT: Another kitten popped out, Brian, who is doing well. Sadly, Kelvin died. RIP Kelv (all hail.).

Well oh well, my old colleague over at Cheese Division has had a wee surprise this morning. Kelvin, born under mysterious circumstances, has obviously founded a new religion, the Kelvinites (ALL HAIL!). Obviously science - checking the cats for willies mostly, I believe - has been catching up with our religion, but those of us with True Faith in the great Kelvin stick by the original tales from the Book of Kelvin (written by the Three Apostles: myself, Donte and Ptch).

The Blessed Book of Kevin

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  1. I got bored and looked at my horoscope for today. It said:

    This is a day that's been earmarked for exciting new beginnings of the most delightful kind. Ready or not, the heavens have arranged a buffet of startling events. Better cancel any plans you'd made that aren't written in stone.

    I think it's a sign.