Thursday, 9 June 2011

The "greatest History Book"

An atheist friend in the United States sent me a link to her warring with her bible-bashing mother (without a health warning! My face has a palm indent now) on the subject of science versus religious authority.

Her mother said this at a point in their conversation, which amused me:
"And the Holy Bible is the greatest History Book [I don't know if this is a joke about them both being 'HB' or what... Q] ever written."
I agree with her to an extent... the Bible is an important historical tool. It helps you understand the roots of the Inquisition, the witch trials of Europe on the 17th century and the prejudice, persecution and slaughter of the Jewish people over the centuries in Europe and America. Also the opposition from certain religious factions to abortion, to affording all adults equal rights, to vital medical/scientific research and to educating our children. For some reason I don't think that's what she meant though.

My friend's mother also claims that the Bible is "current for today... Something WE ALL NEED"... I confess to worry for people who claim to derive their morality from religious books rather than social progressivism. Have they read their sacred text properly?

Facepalm warning here, she gave me permission to post the full conversation so far (it's ongoing) and gave me the screenshots:

Morby, dear, I'll meet you in Norway for the wedding, 'kay? Tell your mum she's invited.


Edit: Still no reply since Morby's last - almost 24 hours now. She's claiming this as a minor victory.

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