Thursday, 23 June 2011

Why I should never go on YouTube

I am incredibly angry. I am more than just angry, I am fucking furious. Sometimes, I simply despise people. I spend a lot of time online and you get a load of bullshit thrown at you from all corners constantly but sometimes comments are made that cut just too close tot the bone. I laugh about the idiotic conspiracy theories around 9/11 without thinking how angry it has make the saner of those actually personally touched by that horrific tragedy. I hope they are at least. These almost entirely baseless, 'god of gaps'-like arguments that we've all heard can hurt. Some disturbed, sad little person behind a keyboard will start them off and they will spread like wildfire, often reaching the mainstream. I'm sure the public Obama 'birthers' (a more amusing, though now tedious, conspiracy) would have happily jumped on the 9/11 conspiracy bandwagon if it weren't for it occurring under a Republican presidency. 

But my ire today is directed at one stupid little YouTube comment that touched a nerve. 

I'll suppose you don't have some vague idea of what the Dunblane Massacre is, so for anyone who doesn't know; Dunblane Primary School is one of three primary schools in the Scottish town of Dunblane. In 1996, a man named Thomas Hamilton walked into the school and shot sixteen 5-6 year olds dead alongside their teacher, others were seriously injured. It remains the deadliest massacre of children in the United Kingdom, and one of the worst firearms attacks on a school in the western world. 

I know, "don't feed the trolls" hence why I came over to my blog where I can get this out of my system without turning what is a mostly un-trolled thread into a pointless argument.

But where do I start? The man who made this comment is obsessed with gun control. Oddly, though I brought up 9/11, it looks like he isn't one of those conspiracy theorists - does this mean he is so ill-inclined to his own country that he thinks it is easier for Britain's government, intelligence services, police and civil servants to cover up a multiple murder than in the United States? We're more likely to be murderers. God, to be in his head... I would rather not give his videos more viewings, but just from looking at his comments and the titles, I am seriously glad we have gun control here.

I should really have disregarded it the moment I saw the comment. Typical conspiracy loony markings. Hacked site containing "ALL THE PROOF THAT EVAH EXISTED DD=" now lost. Oh, well isn't that a damned shame. A damned convenient shame.

The book he is talking about is a mess. Honestly, only an American radio show would ever talk to the woman that wrote it because the thing is a disgrace. Dunblane Unburied is, for starters, extremely poorly written, much like our friend's comment but even after you get past the poor quality writing it is unoriginal and ridiculous. It lays the blame for the attack on just about everyone excluding the man who really committed the crime. The police are accused of having followed Hamilton and of permitting him to commit the slaughter at Dunblane before shooting him dead themselves, the Freemasons were involved in a cover-up, a paedophile ring of high-ranking civic figures were friendly with Hamilton and suppressed evidence - if you can't see the absurdity from my brief explanation I'll add that none of these claims even attempted to back themselves up with evidence. I said 'god of gaps' - there were no gaps here. The claims aren't put in where there is no - or is disputed - evidence, they were crudely pasted over good facts with a gluestick. 

It might be funny. Only remember what the woman who wrote this book and the man who shat out that comment are writing about? 

There is a book called Dunblane: Our Year of Tears which you can read if you want a moving account of this tragedy and it's effect on those involved or for the official document, The Cullen Report (The Public Inquiry into the Shootings at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996) will give you the facts of the investigation and recommendations given to the Government at the time.

Because seventeen people were murdered, sixteen of them were children and this isn't something to mock.

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