Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trafficking towels

I'm a fool and forgot my sanitary towels/tampons tonight at work, just as I start to flow heavy - I know, my monthly cycle really is what you want to know about, but it's pertinent to the story. So I had a look around the crew on the show I've been working on and found a friend who had the sense to keep some on her person. She insisted on leaving the relatively busy room we were in to the adjoining corridor (also prone to having people walking through admittedly), where she anxiously clutched her bag. 

Unfortunately she had a selection in the pocket rather than just one type, resulting in a slight row over size I needed to last me through the evening's work. It gets worse though as I raised my voice in an irritated, slightly desperate fashion to say, "Oh I just need one for tonight! Give me the damn-"

... as the director and choreographer walked round the corner. Helpfully, Emily then clutched her bag closed, we both went bright red and replied, "Fine fine." in an overly airy fashion when asked if we were alright before proceeding to fall about giggling like eight year olds.


Judging from the expressions on their faces sanitary towel dealing was not what they thought we were up to.

Illicit goods

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