Saturday, 11 June 2011

Why I don't get the bus...

The Rt Hon Michael Howard Of Lympne. Baron. For public and political services. (London, SW1V)
Brian Souter. Chief executive, Stagecoach Group plc. For services to Transport and to the Voluntary Sector. (Perth, Perth and Kinross)"

So, Elizabeth Windsor's Birthday Honours list is out, and look who's on it.

In Britain, from 1988 to 2000/2003, there was a law barring teachers from telling students there was nothing wrong with being LGBT and explaining gay issues: Section 28 (also known as Clause 28 or Clause 2A) of the Local Government Act 1988. This was thankfully abolished during my time at school.

However, two people who fought tooth and claw to keep this homophobic law, making in near impossible for homophobic bullying to be tackled in schools for over a decade, are this week, honoured and knighted. 

Michael Howard is a Conservative politician who, while many of his peers have decently back-peddled on the clause and admitted they were wrong, gave in a 2005 interview with Johann Hari the most pathetic, wishy-washy, almost-apology for his support of Section 28. He said he was wrong... after a good deal of probing from Hari.

Brian Souter, meanwhile, is the Scottish bus giant who fought tooth and claw to prevent the repeal of Clause 2A in 2000 (he failed - Scotland repealed in 2000, the rest of the United Kingdom followed in 2003). Bright Green Scotland just posted an article that explains Section 28, it's effect and [Sir] Brian Souter's involvement.

So remind me? Why are we honouring these bigots? Can I expect to be calling Mr Griffin of the BNP, "Sir Nicholas" next year?

There's a petition here, it won't come to anything in all likelihood, but at least it'll show we're not impressed.

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