Sunday, 12 June 2011

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I was a little bored  as the family are late in arriving, so I flicked though Blag Hag - Jen McCreight's atheist/liberal/general titbits blog - for a while then tried the Next Blog setting on Blogger and - lo and behold! - I got Orthodox Way of Life, both mildly amused and bored, I tried again: ... make music from your heart to the Lord and Theologian Mom, followed by a Catholic convert, then a site with more Bible Babble, veritas - seeking first God's kingdom, a blog with the first post "Letting God Lead" and there was Bishop Squared - A Quest for Truth...

I'm going to keep on clicking, see if I can get linked to another atheist or agnostic.

The following should be read in the style of a football [soccer] commentator:

Another couple of religious ones, an artist, a United Church of Canada preacher, veritas again, "CHRISTUS VINCIT - THE BLOG!", Milt's Journey who "want[s] to help others on this journey of life who seek to please God", a "follower of Jesus" to Raven ministries.

Five more religion blogs, a writer, someone with "Christian Quotes" on the side, some heinously Christian blog which doesn't talk about anything else, an Orthodox Jew (YAY! Non-Christian religious one),  a fuckload more...

It's been twenty-two blogs since the Orthodox Jew, we've had a lot more Christian, veritas was three of them and one spiritual mumbo-jumbo, Tarot card, homoeopathic. Still no atheists. We've got Moonies now, and a couple of families, a photographer with a Psalm, a further ten...

Jebus, I can procrastinate.

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