Saturday, 4 June 2011

I and Me

A plan of great cunning, I guess, would be to introduce myself now. As the little ‘About me' bit at the side suggests I am of the human sub-sect ‘nerd’. Admiral f’Articus Quackington is one of several internet pseudonyms I use. “Arty” is my most commonly used, as it’s nice and neutral, the ‘John Smith’ of the forums. I do play-by-post roleplaying and one of these sites I had an absurd number of characters, so was declared admiral of the character fleet. One member of the adjoining chatroom summoned ‘Quackington’ from some odd region of her warped and mysterious brain hence Admiral Quackington. I am ocasionally the Cheshire Twat... and occasionally the Mad Twatter as Ms. Morbius is beautifully lacking in maturity and I tweet a lot (the Twitter feed to the right is a role-play’s Twitter technically, however I run it and my usual shit comes out in droves with the occasional drop of site related stuff).

It would be fair to say that I am somewhat obsessed with Doctor Who. My stack of Doctor Who DVDs is edging on three foot tall. Excluding Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy’s years, I have a somewhat encyclopaedic knowledge of Who. Oddly, while I can remember every episode of Doctor Who I have ever watched, my memory is generally crap. I never excelled academically. I was brilliant in class but fell to pieces in exams. And I mean full scale panic attacks, headaches and vomiting.

Politically, I’m a Scottish Green Party supporter but I spend an awful lot of time arguing with more conservative friends over the Scottish Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Scotland, who I do not support but I prefer to, say, the Liberal Democrats. Scottish National Party would be my second choice to the Greens, though I disagree strongly with their decision to support Donald Trump’s golf course development which drove me away (my father always claims Alex Salmond, while an excellent politician and better for the country than most, will do anything for a ride in a helicopter...). 

Religiously... I’m not. My mother was brought up in a family that has been fiercely agnostic/atheistic for a few generations, my father is a ‘Presbyterian atheist’. I grew up with various religious books around, merely because my family are huge readers. That probably helped with the ‘God is bollocks’ attitude I’ve always had. The King James Bible was sandwiched between The Lord of The Rings trilogy and a book of Scottish poetry. I'll label myself an antireligious, anticlerical humanist. And Pastafarian Pythonist...

I work for whatever will take me currently - babysitting, helping move furniture and the odd lighting/sound gig when I'm lucky. Fingers crossed for working in video-tape editing once I've completed university.

That’s me. Apologies for going on.

*kicking puppies may sound cruel, but Border Terriers are remarkably hardy...

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