Monday, 6 June 2011

Sick, undoubtedly...

I am not a horror fan. Torybrainz (rabid deluded Scottish Conservative supporter) is. She's been inflicting it on me for months, in return she watches Doctor Who with me. I have to admit, some sadistic part of me - though you wouldn't get me to see the film if you offered me a thousand quid (actually, I would for that) - is impressed with this. That it can possibly be so vile that the BBFC has refused to give it a certification 18. It will not be available for download or purchase on DVD in the United Kindom*.

The Human Centipede II, I am truly in awe of the depravity your film must contain. Congratulations.

I know some people will say that they oppose censorship in most cases but this film is just going out to shock and isn't worth protecting. However, I say if people want to waste £7 to watch a piece of filth that hasn't harmed anyone in the making (as far as I'm aware - perhaps a few nightmares) and that hasn't exploited people to create it, let them. Hardcore horror fans, those who want to see whatever shit is produced and form their own opinions will find a way to see these sorts of films anyway. 

Some watch them just so they have seen it and can discuss them - defend or criticise - in an informed fashion, never watch them again or mock their partners' for wussing out of Halloween when they have seen the really disgusting stuff. On the note of seeing crap for the sake of seeing it, I went to Space Chimps. That was really crap. I wouldn't really advocate buying it for anyone. I went to see it because I'm a fluffy, animated U-rated film science-fiction nerd and I heard there was a fluffy, animated, U-rated science-fiction film with Kristin Chenoweth in it at the cinema. 

Sure, I think the gruesome horror genre is a cop-out, and I'll take the more subtle horros like Gas Mask Zombies, Vashta Nerada and Weeping Angels over the gore any day. Then again, I got squeamish in X-Men at the needles. If someone, like me, is going to be disturbed by a film like this they won't go see it. 

*because that'll stop them seeing it.

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