Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A reply to a friend

A friend of mine blogs over on Tumblr. I was going to leave her a comment over there but there but you can't leave links in the 'Ask' function. She made a short post under a comment by a fellow tumblree saying:
 "Word.  Thank god this woman [Michele Bachmann] has no chance in hell at presidency.  I’m still worried people like her even exist, though."
I wrote a wee essay before I realised I couldn't post the links so I've moved it across here.
Not so much a question, also I'm an outsider looking on and I think we Brits may exaggerate the insanity of the American public but still...  
On the Bachmann front, other than sadistic curiosity about what a MB presidency would look like, I'd rather for all of our sakes that she didn't get in - but this statement a while back caught my eye (as an irreligiously raised atheist who Does Not Understand these people): 
"Michele Bachmann says certain things that sound crazy to the general public. But to anybody raised in the environment of the evangelical right wing, what she says makes perfect sense." --- Frank Schaeffer (a former member of the Christian right) 
Then there's this poll from back in 2005.
I doubt Michele Bachmann will even get the Republican nomination, but then again, they polled Oregon and Montana and had 54% and 50% respectively viewing her favourably of those asked... and I don't trust your country after you managed to re-elect Bush Mark II.
No need for a reply, just thought the links might interest you. Also, the Daily Beast profile on Bachmann is here if you haven't seen it and are interested.

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