Sunday, 12 June 2011

Like a duck to water

I hadn't heard about these until Clare Balding started quacking across the Twitter lines earlier today. I am now insanely excited and am determined to book myself a duck bus tour next time I'm down in London. It is beautifully silly. Yellowfied D-Day DUKWS.

London Duck Tours offer more than just a sightseeing tour; it's an exciting road and river adventure appealing to visitors of all ages! The amphibious craft, originally known as 'DUKWS', were first used for the D-Day landings when more than 22,000 were built to take the troops ashore.
Today's vehicles bear little resemblance to their military predecessors in their eye catching yellow livery. They have been modified to meet the stringent safety regulations set by the road and river authorities [....] commentary by the Duck Tour guides who provide an alternative and insightful view of London's history, plus fascinating facts and figures about the original D-Day vehicles themselves.
How awesome is that? My day could only be more delightful if I actually could get near one any time soon.

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