Sunday, 5 June 2011

Scottish Independence

I'm not hugely read up on Scottish independence, as I imagine most Scots aren't, but articles like the one that has just come from Left Foot Forward, a British progressive news site, make me seethe. I have English friends, I also have Irish/NI and Welsh ones - there is not a bone in my body that would dislike or patronise someone simply because of the country they come from. Yet an awful lot of the blogs and news sites down South don't seem to share my view. There is an awful lot of patronising going about. "Awwww, look at the dinky little Scwots wanting to leave."

I don't think it'll happen. I think we'll bottle it and the referendum will fail dismally but the snide remarks from English commentators and Scots who don't think we can make it on our own make me seriously consider independence. Just to prove them wrong. Which is not a good way to make a political decision. 

Willie Rennie, the new Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, said that, "I fear that instead of a focus on jobs, on growing the economy, our excellence in education and public services, what we will see is a focus on breaking up Britain."

Meanwhile, other pro-Union are complaining that he isn't focussing on independence, instead he's avoiding it in favour of ...
"[...] a referendum in the second half of the parliamentary term , with Alex Salmond arguing that his government’s immediate priority will be to increase the powers afforded to Holyrood within the Scotland Bill, currently going through Westminster."

...  ensuring Scotland is as shielded as possible from things like the cuts down South, protecting jobs, education and the economy, in the likelihood that the referendum doesn't go as planned.
"It is time for those who support the union to have the courage and the unity to embrace a debate on Scotland’s future and call on Alex Salmond to “bring it on”."
Sure, I'll bring it on. Give me two years to educate myself on it. 

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